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Code Name Product Type Clone
A140M Mouse anti Mouse bcl-2 Monoclonal Antibody 10C4
A145P Sheep anti Human p53 Polyclonal Antibody
A100P Sheep anti Human, Rat E1A (adenovirus early region 1) Polyclonal Antibody
A105P Sheep anti bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody
A110M Mouse anti Human bcl-xl Monoclonal Antibody 2H12
A200P Sheep anti Human Cytochrome c Polyclonal Antibody
C125M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D1 Monoclonal Antibody DCS-6
C130M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D2 Monoclonal Antibody DCS3.1
C135M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D3 Monoclonal Antibody DCS2.2
C140M Mouse anti Human Cyclin Dependant Kinase 4 Monoclonal Antibody DCS31.2
C155M Mouse anti Mouse p27 Monoclonal Antibody DCS72
K100P Sheep anti Human chk 1 kinase Polyclonal Antibody
K105P Sheep anti Human Vesicle Associated Membrane Protein (VAMP 1/2) Polyclonal Antibody
N125M Mouse anti Human Rb (Retinoblastoma) Monoclonal Antibody XZ133
A195P Sheep anti-Cytochrome C Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
K130P Sheep anti Mouse ERK1 + ERK2 Polyclonal Antibody
K135P Sheep anti Mouse SAP kinase Polyclonal Antibody
K140P Sheep anti Mouse p38 HOG Kinase Polyclonal Antibody
N100M Mouse anti Human p107 Monoclonal Antibody KAB6
N105M Mouse anti Human p130 Monoclonal Antibody KAB40
N110M Mouse anti Human myc Monoclonal Antibody 8
N130M Mouse anti Human Rb (Retinoblastoma) Monoclonal Antibody C36
N135M Mouse anti Human Rb (Retinoblastoma) Monoclonal Antibody XZ91
N140M Mouse anti Human Rb (Retinoblastoma) Monoclonal Antibody XZ55
P155P Rabbit anti Human Protein Phosphatase 2 A/B beta Polyclonal Antibody
U110P Sheep anti Rat ADAR1 (Adenosine Deaminase Acting on RNA 1) Antigen Immunoaffinity Purified Polyclonal
X1491M Mouse anti Human Prostaglandin-E2 receptor EP2 Monoclonal Antibody 3E6
X1013 Mouse anti Human Calpain I (large subunit, p80) Monoclonal Antibody 15C10
X1026 Mouse anti Human alpha SNAP Monoclonal Antibody 15D4
X1037 Rabbit anti Rat Kv1.4 Potassium Channel Polyclonal Antibody
X1035 Rabbit anti Rat BAPTA (calcium channel chelator) Polyclonal Antibody
X1038 Rabbit anti Rat Potassium Channel Polyclonal Antibody
X1079P Sheep anti Mouse Dyrk (Downs Syndrome critical region) Polyclonal Antibody
X1093P Rabbit anti Human Sphingosine 1 Phosphate Receptor 1 (EDG-1) CT Polyclonal Antibody
X1118P Rabbit anti Human Apaf 1 (NT) Apoptosis Activating Protease Fact Polyclonal Antibody
X1147P Rabbit anti Human CX3CR1(NT) (V28) (HIV and chemokine receptor) Polyclonal Antibody
X1179P Sheep anti Human chx 10 (Visual system homeobox 2) (CT) Polyclonal Antibody
X1180P Sheep anti Human chx 10 (Visual system homeobox 2) (NT) Polyclonal Antibody
X1236M Mouse anti Human p34 cdc-2 nuclear protein Monoclonal Antibody POH-1
X1405M Mouse anti Human Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MiTF) Monoclonal Antibody C5