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Yolk IgY Purification Kit

Yolk IgY Purification Kit

IgY EggsPress Purification Kit

Kit Description

Our IgY EggsPress Purification Kit enables researchers to quickly and efficiently purify chicken antibodies (IgY) from the eggs of their immunized chickens without loss of activity. There are many advantages in choosing chickens to raise your polyclonal antibodies.

The disadvantage of using hens is the difficulty of purifying the IgY from the lipid environment of the egg yolk. This problem is circumvented by using our IgY antibody purification kit. Two precipitation steps — one to remove the lipid and the second to precipitate the IgY — provide you with a 90% pure IgY fraction. Expect to purify between 4 and 7 mg IgY per ml egg yolk.

Simply follow the antibody purification Kit Instructions. The entire procedure takes about 4 hours but only 30 minutes is actual hands-on time.

Once you have your IgY, you can treat it like any immunoglobulin. You may wish to label or affinity-purify your antibody. Proceed as you would with any antibody fraction. Keep in mind that IgY does not bind to protein A, protein G, or protein L! Perhaps you want to use your IgY as a primary antibody in an ELISA test, Western blot or immunostaining procedure. A selection of labeled secondary reagents (anti-chicken immunoglobulins) and normal (pre-immune) IgY are available.