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Comparison of IgG, IgE, IgY and IgY (ΔFc)

IgG IgE IgY IgY (ΔFc)
Species Mammals Mammals Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians Lungfish Anseriform Birds, Amphibians, Lungfish
Molecular Weight (kD) 150 200 180 118
Isoelectric Point (pI) 6.4-9.0 (Ref. 1) 5.2-5.8 (Ref. 2) 5.7-7.6 (Ref. 3) 5.2-7.3 (Ref. 4)
Extinction Coefficient* 1.40 1.62 (Ref. 5) 1.36 1.38
No. Constant Domains 4 4 3 2
Carbohydrate Content (%) 2-4 12 4 (Ref. 6) 0.6 (Ref. 7)
Hinge Region Yes No No No
Antigen Valency 2 2 2 2
Major Serum Antibody Yes No Yes Yes
Source Serum Serum Serum/Egg Yolk Serum/Egg Yolk
Concentration (mg/ml) 10-12 10-4 Chicken: Serum: 8-10 (Ref. 10) Yolk: 10-20 (Ref. 9) Duck: Yolk: IgY (ΔFc): 3-12 (Ref. 4)
Mammalian Complement binding Yes No No No
Rheumatoid Factor Binding Yes No No No
Fc receptor binding Yes No No No
Mediates Anaphylaxis No Yes Yes No
Binding to Protein A Yes No No No
Binding to Protein G Yes No No No
Binding to Protein L Yes Yes No (Ref. 8) No

* optical density of a 1.0 mg/ml solution at 280 nm.

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