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Veterinary Antibodies

Veterinary research is essential to understanding a wide range of pathological conditions in veterinary species. The research undertaken supports a broad range of veterinary disciplines including clinical veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, infectious disease dynamics, zoonotics and comparative medicine.

In addition, many diseases affecting companion animals, livestock, wild animals and birds have an impact on global economics, and ongoing veterinary research provides vital information that underpins decision making by various associated organisations.

Understanding the role that the immune systems plays in animal health and disease is an essential part of veterinary research. To support this valuable research, Exalpha supply a comprehensive range of validated polyclonal antibodies that have been raised to recognize different immunoglobulin classes, or subclasses, in a wide range of species and suitable for a wide range of applications such as western blot, IHC, ELISA and flow cytometry. Products include antibodies to:

  • Companion animals – cat, dog, horse, rabbits, hamster, guinea pig
  • Livestock – goats, swine and cattle
  • Wild animals – monkey
  • Avian species – chicken, duck, turkey and pigeon

Antibodies supplied by Exalpha are available directly conjugated to enzymes or fluorochromes for use in a wide range of applications.