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Nordic-MUbio announces acquisition of anti-dsRNA monoclonal manufacturer SCICONS

Susteren, Netherlands (13th April 2021) - Nordic-MUbio announces the acquisition of Scicons who provide highly cited monoclonal antibodies used by researchers worldwide as a reliable tool for dsRNA detection. The team at Nordic-MUBio is committed to making sure that the SCICONS product range will be managed correctly and that all SCICONS and Nordic MUbio customers will be given exceptional customer service, deep expertise and an environment you all want to be part of.

Nordic-MUbio are excited to welcome SCICONS to the family and offer this exceptional range of products to new and existing customers.

For all enquiries or orders you will need to contact Nordic MUbio:
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Telephone: +31 (0) 6 83611669

About Nordic-MUbio:

Nordic-MUbio is a rapidly expanding research reagent company based in Susteren, Netherlands. The acquisition of Scicons comes after a succession of other acquisitions including MUbio Products BV and An Der Grub Bioresearch GmbH. These acquisitions have allowed Nordic-MUbio to create a broad portfolio of products for flow cytometry, cell biology, immunology, cancer research, stem cells and more.

Nordic-MUbio offers a wide range of custom services, including assay development and antibody production. Nordic-MUbio operates under ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems. For more information on Nordic-MUbio, visit: