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Code Name Product Type Clone
A140M Mouse anti Mouse bcl-2 Monoclonal Antibody 10C4
A145P Sheep anti Human p53 Polyclonal Antibody
A195P Sheep anti-Cytochrome C Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
A200P Sheep anti Human Cytochrome c Polyclonal Antibody
A100P Sheep anti Human, Rat E1A (adenovirus early region 1) Polyclonal Antibody
A105P Sheep anti bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody
A110M Mouse anti Human bcl-xl Monoclonal Antibody 2H12
AGE102-1.0 AGE, Advanced Glycation End Products Polyclonal Antibody
C125M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D1 Monoclonal Antibody DCS-6
C130M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D2 Monoclonal Antibody DCS3.1
C135M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D3 Monoclonal Antibody DCS2.2
C140M Mouse anti Human Cyclin Dependant Kinase 4 Monoclonal Antibody DCS31.2
C155M Mouse anti Mouse p27 Monoclonal Antibody DCS72
DEF02-S Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2/MBD-2) Primary Antibodies
GARa/C3c Goat anti Rat C3c Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
GARa/C3c/7S Goat anti Rat C3c Polyclonal
GARa/Fbg Goat anti Rat fibrinogen Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
GARa/Fbg/7S Goat anti Rat fibrinogen Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
GARa/IgG2b/TRITC Goat anti Rat IgG2b (subclass specific), conjugated with TRITC Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal
GARa/IgG2a/FITC Goat anti Rat IgG2a (subclass specific), conjugated with FITC Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
GARa/IgG2a/PO Goat anti Rat IgG2a (subclass specific), conjugated with Horseradish peroxidase Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
K100P Sheep anti Human chk 1 kinase Polyclonal Antibody
K105P Sheep anti Human Vesicle Associated Membrane Protein (VAMP 1/2) Polyclonal Antibody
K130P Sheep anti Mouse ERK1 + ERK2 Polyclonal Antibody
K135P Sheep anti Mouse SAP kinase Polyclonal Antibody
K140P Sheep anti Mouse p38 HOG Kinase Polyclonal Antibody
MUB0400P Mouse anti Desmin Primary Antibodies RD301
MUB0401P Mouse anti Desmin Primary Antibodies D9
MUB0402S Rabbit anti Desmin K5 Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
MUB0202S Rabbit anti Bombesin Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
MUB0305P Mouse anti K-Cadherin/Cadherin-6 Primary Antibodies 2B6
MUB0306P Mouse anti OB-Cadherin / Cadherin-11 Primary Antibodies 16A
MUB0307P Mouse anti Cardiotin Primary Antibodies R2G
MUB0100P Mouse anti actin alpha-smooth muscle Primary Antibodies 1A4
MUB0107P Mouse anti actin alpha-muscle Primary Antibodies HHF35
MUB0108P Mouse anti actin alpha-skeletal Primary Antibodies 3B3
MUB0109P Mouse anti actin alpha-cardiac Primary Antibodies 22D3
MUB0110P Mouse anti actin beta-cytoplasmic Primary Antibodies 4C2
MUB0111P Mouse anti actin gamma-cytoplasmic Primary Antibodies 2A3
MUB0338S Rabbit anti Collagen IV Primary Antibodies Polyclonal