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Code Name Product Type Clone
42A1 Mouse anti Human CD42a Monoclonal Antibody ESS
42A2 Mouse anti Human CD42a, conjugated with FITC Single-Color Reagent ESS
845RA Mouse anti Human CD8 FITC - CD45RA PE Bi-Testª Reagents (FITC/RPE) 17D8/BHKG-2
A100M Mouse anti Human bax Monoclonal Antibody 2D2
A100P Sheep anti Human, Rat E1A (adenovirus early region 1) Polyclonal Antibody
A110M Mouse anti Human bcl-xl Monoclonal Antibody 2H12
A105P Sheep anti bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody
A110P Sheep anti Human bcl-xl Polyclonal Antibody
A115M Mouse anti Human P110 (mitochondrial membrane protein) Monoclonal Antibody 2G2
A130P Rabbit anti Human Caspase-3 Polyclonal Antibody
A135P Rabbit anti Human Caspase-7 Polyclonal Antibody
A140M Mouse anti Mouse bcl-2 Monoclonal Antibody 10C4
A140P Rabbit anti Human Caspase-9 Polyclonal Antibody
A145P Sheep anti Human p53 Polyclonal Antibody
A195P Sheep anti-Cytochrome C Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
A200M Mouse anti Human E1A (adenovirus early region 1) Monoclonal Antibody M73
A200P Sheep anti Human Cytochrome c Polyclonal Antibody
A205P Sheep anti BrdU (bromodeoxyuridine) Polyclonal Antibody
AP02 Mouse anti Human CD2 APC Single-Color Reagent T6.3
AP03 Mouse anti Human CD3 APC Single-Color Reagent M2AB
AP05 Mouse anti Human CD5 APC Single-Color Reagent M28623
AP25 Mouse anti Human CD25 APC Single-Color Reagent ITYV
AP28 Mouse anti Human CD28 APC Single-Color Reagent B-23
AP45 Mouse anti Human CD45 APC Single-Color Reagent BHPT-1
B344 Mouse anti Human CD3 FITC - CD44 PE Bi-Testª Reagents (FITC/RPE)
B344S Mouse anti Human CD3 FITC - CD44 PE Bi-Testª Reagents (FITC/RPE)
B4DR Mouse anti Human CD4 FITC - HLADR PE Bi-Testª Reagents (FITC/RPE)
B4DRS Mouse anti Human CD4 FITC - HLADR PE Bi-Testª Reagents (FITC/RPE)
C110M Mouse anti Human p15 - ink4b Monoclonal Antibody DCS114.1
X2743.1 BrdU labeled MCF7 Slides Slides
F100P Sheep anti Human KSHV/HHV8 (mal 62/ORF 62) Polyclonal Antibody
F105P Sheep anti Human KSHV/HHV8 (cyclin) Polyclonal Antibody
F115P Sheep anti EBNA 3A Polyclonal Antibody
F120P Sheep anti EBNA 3B Polyclonal Antibody
F125P Sheep anti EBNA 3C Polyclonal Antibody
C105M Mouse anti Human CDC25A Monoclonal Antibody DCS121
C125M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D1 Monoclonal Antibody DCS-6
C115M Mouse anti Human cyclin E Monoclonal Antibody 168
C130M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D2 Monoclonal Antibody DCS3.1
C135M Mouse anti Human Cyclin D3 Monoclonal Antibody DCS2.2