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AlphaRed-Streptavidin (DISCONTINUED)

  • Product Code: 000AR
  • Size: 100 Tests
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AlphaRed-Streptavidin (DISCONTINUED)

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Flow Cytometry Reagent


Protein A/G Chromatography


100 Tests

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Exalpha's AlphaRed™ Fluorchrome conjugated to Streptavidin and pre-titered for optimal performance. Use Exalpha's AlphaRed™ Streptavidin in conjunction with Exalpha's biotin conjugated antibodies or with your own biotin conjugates. AlphaRed™ Streptavidin has been pre-titered to yield optimal performance under most laboratory conditions. AlphaRed™ does not non-specifically bind to monocytes or granulocytes. Fluorescence Information: AlphaRed™ is compatible with 488 nm single argon laser applications. AlphaRed™ absorbance is at 488 nm and emission at 670 nm. It is ideally suited for use on single laser instruments. No FL2/FL3 compensation is required with AlphaRed™. Minimal cross-over with PE and FITC.


Provided as sterile filtered solution in phosphate buffered saline with 0.08% sodium azide and 0.2% carrier protein

Customer Storage

Product should be stored at 4-8ºC. DO NOT FREEZE. ALWAYS store in the dark.