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COMBI Surface: IgG2a Negative Control (FITC) and IgG1 Negative Control (PE)

  • Product Code: GCT-202
  • Size: 50 Tests
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Product Code

GCT-202		 Quantity:      

Product Name

COMBI Surface: IgG2a Negative Control (FITC) and IgG1 Negative Control (PE)


50 Tests

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Each staining performed with specific monoclonal antibodies should be paralleled by a staining with an appropriate istotype matched control antibody, in order to be able to control for non-specific binding. The COMBI-REAGENT-Negative Control permits to estimate the degree of non-specific binding of isotype matched immunologbulins to leukocytes via e.g. Fc-receptors. It enables the expert to set flow cytometric parameters accordingly. Results must be put within the context of other diagnostic tests as well as the clinical history of the patient by a certified professional before final interpretation. Analyses performed with this antibody should be paralleled by positive and negative controls. If unexpected results are obtained, which cannot be attributed to differences in laboratory procedures, please contact us.


IgG2a and IgG1

Species Reactivity


Product Usage

The monoclonal antibodies have no known specificity for human leukocytes. It is recommended to use similar amounts of test antibody and isotype matched COMBI-REAGENT Negative Control antibody in each experiment.

Product Type

Negative Control


Direct Immunofluorescence

Product Formulation

PBS pH 7.2, 1% BSA, 0.05% NaN3

Storage Conditions

Nordic-MUbio monoclonal antibody reagents contain optimal concentrations of affinity-purified antibody. For stability reasons this monoclonal antibody solution contains sodium azide. These reagents should be stored at 2-8¡C (DO NOT FREEZE!) and protected from prolonged exposure to light. Stability of the reagent: Please refer to the expiry date printed onto the vial. The use of the reagent after the expiration date is not recommended.