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Code Name Product Type Clone
MUB0307P Mouse anti Cardiotin Primary Antibodies R2G
MUB0313P Mouse anti Cytokeratin 4 / Keratin K4 Primary Antibodies 6B10
MUB0314P Mouse anti Cytokeratin 5 + 8 / Keratin K5 + K8 Primary Antibodies RCK102
MUB0315P Mouse anti Cytokeratin 7 / Keratin K7 Primary Antibodies RCK105
MUB0320P Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10 / Keratin K10 Primary Antibodies DE-K10
MUB0321P Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10+13 / Keratin K10+K13 Primary Antibodies DE-K13
MUB0324S Mouse anti Cytokeratin 14 Primary Antibodies SPK-14
MUB1700P Mouse anti Smoothelin Primary Antibodies R4A
MUB2019P Mouse anti PSA Primary Antibodies 1A7
MUB0328P Mouse anti Cytokeratin 18 / Keratin K18 Primary Antibodies DE-K18
X1730M Mouse anti Human Cytokeratin 7 Monoclonal Antibody RCK105