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Code Name Product Type Clone
CD274-0.5 CD274, PD-L1 Primary Antibodies ZR3
GAHu/BJL(HD) Goat anti Human Ig lambda light chain (free) Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal
GAS-002 FIX&PERM® Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002-1 FIX&PERM® Kit 1000 Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002A-1 FIX&PERM® Solution A (Fix) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002B-1 FIX&PERM® Solution B (Perm) Buffers and Reagents
GM-4193 Mouse anti Myeloperoxidase-C2 (MPO-C2), conjugated to PE Primary Antibodies 8E6
PAX008-0.5 PAX-8 (Paired box protein 8) Monoclonal Antibody ZR1
X2395P Sheep anti Human Glypican-3 (GPC3) Polyclonal Antibody
X2782M Mouse anti Human Kappa Light Chain Monoclonal Antibody L1C1
MUB1807P Tiam 1 (Catalytic domain/ C-terminal domain) Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
MUB2028P Mouse anti Tenascin C Primary Antibodies T2H5
MUB2061P EpCAM/CD326 Monoclonal Antibody HEA125
PIN002-G PIN-Cocktail 2 --- P504S / p63 / HMW Cytokeratin Primary Antibodies 13H4 / 4A4 / 34ßE12
X1157M Mouse anti Human p53 (a.a. 16-25) Monoclonal Antibody X77
X1234M Mouse anti Human Proximal Nephrogenic Renal Antigen, cln PN-15 (66.4.C2) Monoclonal Antibody 66.4.C2