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Code Name Product Type Clone
FITC-1 Fluorescein Isothiocynate Isomer 1 Secondary Antibodies
GAM/C3c/Bio Goat anti Mouse C3c, conjugated with Biotin Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
HuFab Human Fab of normal IgG Proteins & Peptides
P 016 Human Bence Jones kappa Proteins & Peptides
P 017 Human Bence Jones lambda Proteins & Peptides
P 020 Human secretory IgA Proteins & Peptides
NOR-01 Human IgG subclasses standard Serum Serum
NOR-02 Mouse standard serum with assigned values for IgA, IgM and IgG subclasses. Serums
NOR-03 Rat Ig and IgG subclasses standard Serum Serums
NOR-04 Human IgA subclasses standard Serum Serums
P 411 Human Human IgG3 kappa G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 430 Human IgA1 kappa, polymer Proteins & Peptides
P 444 Human IgA lambda (dimer) Proteins & Peptides
P 532 Human IgG2 lambda G2m (n+) Proteins & Peptides
P 106 Human IgG1 lamda G1m(f) Proteins & Peptides
P 182 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4a Proteins & Peptides
P 210 Human IgG1 lambda G1m (a) Proteins & Peptides
P 289 Human IgG3 lambda G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 304 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4b Proteins & Peptides
RAHu/FXIII-A Rabbit anti Human Factor XIII-A Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
RAHu/IgA1-2 set Rabbit anti Human IgA1 IgA2 (subclass specific) Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal
ShAlb Sheep Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
ShAHu/IgA1-2 set Sheep anti Human IgA1 IgA2 (sublass specific) Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal
SwAM/IgG(H+L) Swine anti Mouse IgG (heavy and light chains) Unpurified polyclonal antibody Polyclonal
SwAHu/IgG1-4 set Swine anti Human IgG1 IgG2 IgG3 IgG4 Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal