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Code Name Product Type Clone
HE100-2 HEA125, Epithelium-specific Glycoprotein, Egp34, EpCAM (CD326) Monoclonal Antibody HEA125
KI500 Ki-67, Cell Cycle Marker (MIB-1) Monoclonal Antibody MIB-1
PAX008-0.5 PAX-8 (Paired box protein 8) Monoclonal Antibody ZR1
LU300 Lung carcinoma Cluster 1, N-CAM (MOC-1) Monoclonal Antibody MOC-1
MAM002-0.5 Mammaglobin (31A5) Monoclonal Antibody 31A5
P16002 p16 INK4a (DCS-50) Primary Antibodies DCS-50
PA101 PAP, Prostate Acid Phosphatase (PSAP) Monoclonal Antibody PASE/4LJ
PIN002-G PIN-Cocktail 2 --- P504S / p63 / HMW Cytokeratin Primary Antibodies 13H4 / 4A4 / 34ßE12
AGE102-1.0 AGE, Advanced Glycation End Products Polyclonal Antibody
CO20511-0.1 Collagen Type V, human Polyclonal Antibody
CO20611 Collagen Type VI, human Polyclonal Antibody
CO20611-0.1 Collagen Type VI, human Polyclonal Antibody
CO23311-0.1 Procollagen Type III, human, bovine Polyclonal Antibody
CO60411 Collagen Type IV, human Monoclonal Antibody 24D1
C3C001-F Complement Factor C3c : FITC Polyclonal Antibody
DEF02-S Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2/MBD-2) Primary Antibodies
CML011 CML (N-Epsilon)-Carboxymethyl-Lysine Monoclonal Antibody CMS-10
CML024 CML (N-Epsilon)-Carboxymethyl-Lysine Primary Antibodies NF-1G
CD274-0.5 CD274, PD-L1 Primary Antibodies ZR3
CEL025 CEL (N-Epsilon)-Carboxyethyl-Lysine Monoclonal Antibody KNH-30
CK102 Pan-Cytokeratin, 2 Clones (AE1/AE3) Monoclonal Antibody AE1/AE3