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Code Name Product Type Clone
MAM001-0.5 Mammaglobin A (304-1A5) 304-1A5
MAM002-0.5 Mammaglobin (31A5) Monoclonal Antibody 31A5
MAM003-0.5 Mammaglobin, polycl.
ME100 Melanoma, NKI/C3 NKI/C3
ME110 Melan-A / MART-1 A103
ME505 Melanoma, HMB45 HMB45
NC100 N-CAM, Neuronal Cell Adhesion Molecule, CD56 RNL-1
PA101 PAP, Prostate Acid Phosphatase (PSAP) Monoclonal Antibody PASE/4LJ
PIN001-G PIN-Cocktail 1 --- P504S / p63 13H4 / 4A4
P16002 p16 INK4a (DCS-50) Primary Antibodies DCS-50
P16002-L p16 INK4a (DCS-50) Monoclonal Antibody DCS-50
NES001 Nestin 10C2
NF101 Neurofilaments 70/200 kDa 2F11
PU000 PBS Buffer Tablets
PU004 TRIS Buffer pH 8.2
PIN002-G PIN-Cocktail 2 --- P504S / p63 / HMW Cytokeratin Primary Antibodies 13H4 / 4A4 / 34ßE12
PIN203-1.0 PIN-Cocktail 2B -- P504S / p63 / HMW Cytokeratin 13H4/EPR5701/34ßE12
PP040-1.0 p40 Protein, Delta-Np63 (ZR8) ZR8
PP1163-0.5 p63 Protein (Ab1) Monoclonal Antibody 4A4
PP1163-1.0 p63 Protein (Ab1) 4A4
PR004-G Progesterone Receptor (ZR4) ZR4
TEN001 Tenascin C (TNC) T2H5
SM100 S-100 beta SH-B1
VDR001 Vitamin D3 Receptor Monoclonal Antibody 9A7
ZU114 Anti-Mouse/Rabbit IgG, biotinylated Secondary Antibodies