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Somatostatin, SRIF

Catalogue number: SO100

Units1 ml
Application IHC(P)

Somatostatin can be detected with this antibody in different organs like CNS, PNS, pancreas, stomach, thyroid glands and different carcinoids. Somatostatin (SRIF, GRIF) is a neuropeptide which is synthesized in the anterior hypothalamus and is transported by axonal transport to the Eminentia mediana. The release into the pituitary portal veins causes an inhibition of growth hormone secretion. Somatostatin however is also produced by endocrine cells of other organs like the C-cells of the thyroid glands, Parietal cells of the Antrum as well as by delta-cells of the pancreas. In pancreas it inhibits the the secretion of enzymes as well as Glucagon and Insulin. Some pancreatic and duodenal tumours secrete Somatostatins (Somatostatinoma). Usually this leads to diabetes in the affected patients. Somatostatin 1-14 and Somatostatin 1-28 (GRIF, SRIF).


Immunogen: Synthetic somatostatin (UCB) coupled to ovalbumin

Antibody solution in stabilizing phosphate buffer pH 7.3. Contains 0.09 % sodium azide**.

Purification Method: Antibody solution in stabilizing phosphate buffer pH 7.3. Contains 0.09 % sodium azide**.

Secondary Reagents: We recommend the use of BIOLOGO's Universal Staining System DAB (Art. No. DA005) or AEC (Art. No. AE005).


Species Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat


Incubation Time: 60 min at RT

Working Concentration: (liquid conc.) 1:10-1:50

Pre-Treatment: Pre-treatment using high temperature unmasking method with Unmasking Fluid G (Ref. DE007)

Positive Control: Pancreas


*These antibodies are intended for in vitro research use only. They must not be used for clinical diagnostics and not for in vivo experiments in humans or animals. ** The preservative sodium azide is known to be poisonous and potentially hazardous to health. It should be handled only by trained staff. Despite of the product's low azide concentration it must be handled with care. Dispose according to regional rules!

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Somatostatin, SRIF


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