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Degenerative Spermatocyte Homolog 2

Catalogue number: X2358B

DEGS2; Sphingolipid delta(4)-desaturase/C4-hydroxylase DES2

Product Type Blocking Peptide
Units50 µg
Species reactivity Human
Application Western Blot
Product Form

Bifunctional enzyme which acts as both a sphingolipid delta(4)-desaturase and a sphingolipid C4-hydroxylase. Up-regulated during keratinocyte differentiation. Not expressed at day 0 or day 3 after differentiation, detected on day 6 and increases by day 9. Belongs to the fatty acid desaturase family. DEGS subfamily. Highly expressed in skin, intestine and kidney.

Positive Control
Highly expressed in skin, intestine and kidney.

Synthetic peptide derived from human DEGS2 protein.

See vial for concentration

Provided as solution in phosphate buffered saline

Functional Analysis
Western Blotting

For use with DEGS2 polyclonal antibodies (Cat. No. X2356P & X2357P).

Product should be stored at -20ºC. Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Ship Conditions
Ship at ambient temperature, freeze upon arrival

Product Stability
Products are stable for one year from purchase when stored properly

1. Mizutani, Y., et al. 'Identification of the human sphingolipid C4-hydroxylase, hDES2, and its up-regulation during keratinocyte differentiation.; FEBS Lett. 563:93-97(2004). 2. Omae, F., et al. 'DES2 protein is responsible for phytoceramide biosynthesis in the mouse small intestine.' Biochem J. 2004 May 1;379(Pt 3):687-95. 3. Omae, F. et al. 'Identification of an essential sequence for dihydroceramide C-4 hydroxylase activity of mouse DES2.' FEBS Lett. 2004 Oct 8;576(1-2):63-7. 4. Enomoto, A., et al. 'Dihydroceramide:sphinganine C-4-hydroxylation requires Des2 hydroxylase and the membrane form of cytochrome b5.' Biochem J. 2006 Jul 15;397(2):289-95.

This product is intended FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY, and FOR TESTS IN VITRO, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures involving humans or animals.

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Degenerative Spermatocyte Homolog 2



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