Proteins are useful research reagents commonly utilized as reference antigens, calibrators, coating proteins or blocking agents in a variety of immunoassays such as ELISA, western blot and functional assays. Peptides, and especially those with antibody blocking activity, are particularly useful in antibody based applications where non-specific binding is an issue.

Our wide-ranging protein and peptide portfolio includes purified proteins, recombinant proteins and inactivated viruses as well as antibody specific blocking peptides.

Code Name Product Type Clone
X2296B ACAD11 Blocking Peptide
X2050B Adiponectin Receptor 1 Blocking Peptide
X2051B Adiponectin Receptor 2 Blocking Peptide
X2293B APM2 (CT) Blocking Peptide
DEF001-P Beta-Defensin-1 (1-36), HBD-1
DEF01-P Beta-Defensin-1 (HBD-1) Control peptide
MBD011-P Beta-Defensin-1 (MBD-1) Mouse control peptide 16 AS
DEF002-P Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2) Control Peptide
DEF02-P Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2/MBD-2) control peptide
DEF03-P Beta-Defensin-3 (HBD-3/MBD-3) control peptide
BGG Bovine gamma globulin Fr.II Proteins & Peptides
BAlb Bovine Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
BSA Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V Proteins & Peptides
BSA/FITC Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V, conjugated with FITC
BSA/TRITC Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V, conjugated with TRITC
X2073B Ceramide Glycosyltransferase Blocking Peptide
X2380B Ceramide Transfer Protein (CERTL) Blocking Peptide
X1098 Collagen Substrate, FITC Conjugate Purified Protein N/A
X1099 Collagen Substrate, FITC Conjugate Purified Protein
X2765B DDX4 Blocking Peptide
X2384B Degenerative Spermatocyte Homolog 1 (DEGS1) Blocking Peptide
X2358B Degenerative Spermatocyte Homolog 2 Blocking Peptide
X2771B DICER1 Blocking Peptide
X2382B ELOVL4 Blocking Peptide
X2337B FBXW7 Blocking Peptide
X1852B FHL2 (SLIM3) Blocking Peptide
X2766B Fibulin-3 Blocking Peptide
X2351B FLAP Blocking Peptide
X2349B Forkhead box protein P3 Blocking Peptide
X2375B G-Protein Coupled Receptor 94 Blocking Peptide
X1646B GPR4 Blocking Peptide Blocking Peptide
X1876B HDAC1, Human Blocking Peptide
X2768B Histone H2a.x Blocking Peptide
X2767B Histone H2a.x (pS140) Blocking Peptide
X2769B Histone H2a.x (S140) Blocking Peptide
PO Horseradish peroxidase Proteins & Peptides
P 016 Human Bence Jones kappa Proteins & Peptides
P 017 Human Bence Jones lambda Proteins & Peptides
HuFab Human Fab of normal IgG Proteins & Peptides
P 315 Human Human IgG2 lambda G2m (n-) Proteins & Peptides
P 411 Human Human IgG3 lambda G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 444 Human IgA lambda (dimer) Proteins & Peptides
P 430 Human IgA1 kappa, polymer Proteins & Peptides
P 050 Human IgE Proteins & Peptides
HuIgG Human IgG Proteins & Peptides
P 210 Human IgG1 lambda G1m (a) Proteins & Peptides
P 106 Human IgG1 lamda G1m(f) Proteins & Peptides
P 532 Human IgG2 lambda G2m (n+) Proteins & Peptides
P 289 Human IgG3 lambda G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 182 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4a Proteins & Peptides
P 304 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4b Proteins & Peptides
P 020 Human secretory IgA Proteins & Peptides
HuAlb Human Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
HSA Human Serum albumin Fr.V Proteins & Peptides
X2584 Influenza A, Avian, Recombinant, Vietnam 1203/04, H5N1, Hemagglutinin (HA) (IN) (Bird Flu) Recombinant Protein
X2566 Influenza A, Beijing (H1N1) Inactivated Virus
X2567 Influenza A, Caledonia (H1N1) Inactivated Virus
X2565 Influenza A, H1N1 New Caledonia 20/99, Hemagglutinin, Recombinant (Full Length) Recombinant Protein
X2568 Influenza A, Taiwan (H1N1) Inactivated Virus
X2292B Lass1 Blocking Peptide
X2294B Lass1 (Cross reacts with GDF1) Blocking Peptide
X2288B LASS2 (Longevity Assurance Homolog 2) Blocking Peptide
X2290B Lass3 Blocking Peptide
X2299B Lass4 Blocking Peptide
X2302B Lass6 Blocking Peptide
X2341B LNX1 Blocking Peptide
X2346B LNX2 Blocking Peptide
X2388B Longevity Assurance Homolog 2 Blocking Peptide Blocking Peptide
X1269B Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 1 CT (EDG-2) Blocking Peptide
X1573B Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 2 (EDG4) CT Blocking Peptide
X1227B Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 3 CT (EDG-7) Blocking Peptide
X2372B Monocarboxylate Transport 2 Blocking Peptide
X2295B Monocarboxylate Transporter 3 (MCT3) Blocking Peptide
MIgG Mouse IgG Proteins & Peptides
MAlb Mouse Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
X1868b Netrin 1 Blocking Peptide
X2773B Neurogenin-1 Blocking Peptide
X2344B NHE6 / Sodium/hydrogen exchanger 6 Blocking Peptide
X2291B NUMB Blocking Peptide
X2770B PDX1 Blocking Peptide
X2777B PINK1 Blocking Peptide
X2779B PINK1 Blocking Peptide
X2775B PINK1 (C-terminal) Blocking Peptide
X2778B PINK1 (E417G Mutant) Blocking Peptide
X2776B PINK1 (G309D Mutant) Blocking Peptide
X2774B PINK1 (N-terminal) Blocking Peptide
X2813RP Protein G, Recombinant Recombinant Protein
Bii-rGFP-100 Purified recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein (wild type) Proteins & Peptides
RAlb Rabbit Serum Albumin Proteins & Peptides
X1211 Ral B Recombinant Protein
X1212 Rap 1A Recombinant Protein N/A
X1213 Rap 2A Recombinant Protein N/A
RaAlb Rat Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides Polyclonal
X2335B Roundabout homolog 1, ROBO1 Blocking Peptide
X2772B S100P-Binding Protein Blocking Peptide
X2800B SALL4 Blocking Peptide
X2067B Serine Palmitoyltransferase 1 Blocking Peptide
X2378B SET, Phosphatase 2A Inhibitor I2PP2A Blocking Peptide
X1854B SIAH1, E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Blocking Peptide
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