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phospho Amyloid Precursor Protein [pT668]

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phospho Amyloid Precursor Protein [pT668]


Alzheimer disease amyloid protein, ABPP, APPI, APP, PreA4, Cerebral vascular amyloid peptide, CVAP, Protease nexin-II,PN-II





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Phosphorylation Site-Specific Antibody




Western Blot


Purified from rabbit serum by sequential epitope-specific chromatography. The antibody has been negatively preadsorbed using a non-phosphopeptide corresponding to the site of phosphorylation to remove antibody that is reactive with non-phosphorylated APP. The final product is generated by affinity chromatography using an APP-derived peptide that is phosphorylated at threonine 668.


2 Miniblots

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Amyloid ? (A4) Precursor Protein (APP) is a ubiquitously expressed transmembrane protein that is sequentially cleaved by ?-secretase and ?-secretase to release extracellular peptides such as the ?-amyloid peptides, which are deposited in the brain in Alzheimer's disease. APP exists in several isoforms ranging from 100-140 kDa, and is phosphorylated on various residues within the extracellular and cytoplasmic domains, effecting the proteolytic processing and secretion of the protein. Threonine 668 can be phosphorylated by cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (cdk5), GSK-3? and JNK, and may play an important role in neurite outgrowth of differentiating neurons.


The antiserum was produced against a chemically synthesized phosphopeptide derived from the region of human APP that contains threonine 668 (corresponding to the APP695 isoform). The sequence is conserved in mouse, rat, and frog.

Positive Control

CAD cells transfected with wild type vs. T668A mutant APP.


Provided as solution in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.3, 2.5% glycerol, with 1.0 mg/ml BSA and 0.05% sodium azide

Customer Storage

Product should be stored at -80ºC. Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Target Molecular Weight

86.9 kDa

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