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BrdU (Bromodeoxyuridine)

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BrdU (Bromodeoxyuridine)

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Immunohistochemistry Kit


BrdU Incorporated Cells


Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin & Frozen)


50 Slides

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Exalpha Biologicals BrdU Immunohistochemistry Kit involves incorporation of BrdU into proliferating cells, in vivo or in vitro, and visual staining (dark brown nuclei) of these cells which is achieved using a biotinylated anti- BrdU antibody followed by Streptavidin-HRP Conjugate and DAB (diaminobenzidine) substrate.

Customer Storage

Store kit at -20ºC until first use. Store at 4-8ºC thereafter.

Product Specific References

This product has been used in:

1. Sato, S., et al, 'Central control of bone remodeling by neuromedin U' Nature Medicine 2007, 13, , 1234-1240