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Adenovirus type 5 E1A

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Adenovirus type 5 E1A








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Monoclonal Antibody


Protein A/G Chromatography


100 µg

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The early region (E1A) of the adenovirus genome plays a central role in cellular transformation and regulation of gene expression. The adenovirus early gene product E1A is a potent stimulator of cellular proliferation, which when overexpressed can overcome the growth-inhibitory effects of TGF-beta. The E1A region encodes a series of related proteins (35-46kDa) with multifuctional capabilities and form a specific complex with the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor gene product (Rb protein). The E1A and E1B regions together comprise the transforming region of adenovirus. While expression of E1A alone is sufficient to immortalize primary cells, complete transformation requires the additional expression of the E1B region. Several conserved regions of E1A are similar to portions of other viral oncoproteins like the HPV-16 and HPV-18 E7 and SV40 large T antigen.



Positive Control

293 cells or adenovirus infected cells and tissues.


Provided as solution in phosphate buffered saline with 0.08% sodium azide

Customer Storage

Product should be stored at -20ºC. Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles


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