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Adenovirus fiber

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Adenovirus fiber







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Monoclonal Antibody


Protein A/G Chromatography


100 µg

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This antibody recognizes proteins of 62kDa and 180-200kDa which are identified as the monomer and trimer of Adenovirus 2 (Ad2), Adenovirus 5 (Ad5), and Adenovirus 7 (Ad7) fiber protein. Adenovirus capsid proteins are synthesized in the cytoplasm and transported to the nucleus for assembly into the virus particles. The three major capsid proteins (hexon, penton base, and fiber) are synthesized late in infection. Fiber plays a crucial role in adenovirus infection by attaching the virus to a specific receptor on the cell surface. Ad2 and Ad5 fibers are proposed to consist of three domains: an N-terminal tail that interacts with penton base, a shaft composed of 22 repeats of a 15 amino acid segment that forms beta-sheet and beta-bends, and a knob at the C-terminus that contains the type-specific antigen and is responsible for binding to the cell surface receptor. It is shown that the fiber of Ad2 is most likely a trimer when found on the viron this antibody recognizes both monomers and trimers, as judged by reactivity with both boiled (monomers (62kDa) only) and unboiled (both monomers and trimers (180-200kDa bands)) fiber on Western blots and by indirect immunofluorescence studies of cells infected with a temperature-sensitive Ad5 fiber mutant (H5ts142) which does not form trimers at the nonpermissive temperature at both 320C and 39.50C.


UV-irradiated Ad2 virus.

Positive Control

Adenovirus infected cells and tissues.


Provided as solution in phosphate buffered saline with 0.08% sodium azide

Customer Storage

Product should be stored at -20ºC. Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles


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