Control antibodies are a vital part of assay design and ensure signal detected during antibody-based applications, can be attributed to specific antigen binding, rather than non-specific background staining.

Negative isotype controls function by determining the level of non-specific binding of the primary antibody to target. This is achieved by matching the control antibody host species, isotype, and if applicable fluorochrome, to that of the experimental specific antibody. A matched fluorochrome is required if the experimental primary antibody is directly conjugated. Negative control antibody is deliberately generated against a chemical or target not expressed by the cell or tissue of interest, so any binding will be non-specific in nature. This non-specific binding is most frequently caused by Fc receptors expressed on the surface of the target sample. These receptors bind the antibody’s Fc region independently of their Fab epitope binding domains.

Control antibodies are most commonly used in flow cytometry or immunohistochemistry to determine levels of background staining, but can also be utilized as blocking agents before addition of primary antibody.

Code Name Product Type Clone
BIgG Bovine IgG Isotype control
GIC-201 COMBI IC Reagent: IgG Negative Control (FITC) and IgG Negative Control (PE) Negative Control VI-AP and VI-AP
GCT-202 COMBI Surface: IgG2a Negative Control (FITC) and IgG1 Negative Control (PE) Negative Control 4H1-A7 and VI-AP
GIgG Goat IgG Isotype control
GIgG/FITC Goat IgG, conjugated with FITC
GIgG/PO Goat IgG, conjugated with Horseradish peroxidase
GpIgG Guinea Pig IgG Isotype control
0G11 IgG1 Second Step Reagents ZX3
X1065 IgG1 Cy5-PE Single-Color Negative Control ZX3
GM-4991 IgG1 Negative Control Negative Control VI-AP
GM-4992 IgG1 Negative Control, conjugated to FITC Negative Control VI-AP
GM-4993 IgG1 Negative Control, conjugated to PE Negative Control VI-AP
02A1 IgG2a Single-Color Negative Control
X1049 IgG2a / IgG2b Cy5RPE Single-Color Negative Control
MonIgG Monkey (Rhesus) IgG Isotype control
RIgG Rabbit IgG Isotype control
RIgG/FITC Rabbit IgG, conjugated with FITC
RIgG/PO Rabbit IgG, conjugated with Horseradish peroxidase
RaIgG Rat IgG Isotype control
ShIgG Sheep IgG Isotype control
SwIgG Swine IgG Isotype control
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