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PSA, Prostate-Specific Antigen

Catalogue number: PS101

Units1 ml
Application IHC(P)

The antibody to PSA can be used for the detection of prostate carcinoma and metastases thereof. App. 95% of prostate carcinoma are PSA positive. Occasionally PSA can also be expressed by lung carcinoma and metaplasia of the bladder wall. No other diseases of bladder, breast, lung, colon, stomach, kidney or pancreas exhibit PSA production. Prostate-specific antigen is characteristic for glandular and ductal epithelium of human prostate. In healthy men the protein it is found in small amounts in blood and serum, and increased levels are an indication for prostate carcinoma. Human prostate-specific antigen.


Immunogen: Seminal fluid preparation

Purified antibody PBS, BSA, NaN3 0,09%

Purification Method: Purified antibody PBS, BSA, NaN3 0,09%

Concentration: 1:2 from orig.


Species Reactivity: Human


Incubation Time: 60 min at RT

Working Concentration: (liquid conc.) 1:25-1:50

Pre-Treatment: heat-induced epitope retrieval using high pH target retrieval solutions

Positive Control: Prostate carcinoma


*These antibodies are intended for in vitro research use only. They must not be used for clinical diagnostics and not for in vivo experiments in humans or animals. ** The preservative sodium azide is known to be poisonous and potentially hazardous to health. It should be handled only by trained staff. Despite of the product's low azide concentration it must be handled with care. Dispose according to regional rules!

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PSA, Prostate-Specific Antigen


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