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Influenza A, Avian, Recombinant, Vietnam 1203/04, H5N1, Hemagglutinin (HA) (IN) (Bird Flu)

Catalogue number: X2584

Product Type Recombinant Protein
Units10 µg
HostSf9 cells
Application ELISA
Western Blotting
Product Form

Influenza virus is a single-stranded RNA virus, segmented, 70nm in diameter and enveloped. Strains are described by geographic origin, strain number, year of isolation and hemagglutination (H) and neuraminidase (N) antigens. Recombinant HA-H5N1 Vietnam/1203/04 is glycosylated with N-linked sugars, produced using baculovirus vectors in insect cells.

Recombinant Full Length HA- H5N1 Vietnam/1203/04 is glycosylated with N-linked sugars

Purification Method
≥ 90% as determined by: Analysis by RP-HPLC, Anion-exchange FPLC or Analysis by reducing and non-reducing SDS-PAGE Silver Stained gel.

90% by SDS-PAGE, HA1 and HA2 bands observed under reducing conditions.

See vial for concentration

Supplied as a liquid in 10mM NaH2PO4, pH 7.1, 0.005% Tween-20, 150mM sodium chloride.

Western Blot: 0.1-1ug/strip ELISA: 1ug/well Optimal concentration should be evaluated by serial dilutions.

Store at 4-8ºC, DO NOT FREEZE. For long-term storage, add 0.1% HSA or BSA, aliquot and store at -20°C.

Ship Conditions
Ship on gel ice, do not freeze, refrigerate upon arrival

Product Stability
Products are stable for one year from purchase when stored properly

This product is intended FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY, and FOR TESTS IN VITRO, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures involving humans or animals.

Safety Datasheet(s) for this product:

Influenza A, Avian, Recombinant, Vietnam 1203/04, H5N1, Hemagglutinin (HA) (IN) (Bird Flu)


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