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Catalogue number: X2337B

Product Type Blocking Peptide
Units50 µg
Species reactivity Human
Application Western Blotting

Substrate recognition component of a SCF (SKP1-CUL1-F-box protein) E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase complex which mediates the ubiquitination and subsequent proteasomal degradation of target proteins. Probably recognizes and binds to phosphorylated target proteins. Involved in the degradation of cyclin E, NOTCH1 released notch intracellular domain (NICD), and probably PSEN1.

Synonyms: F-box and WD-40 domain protein 7, FBXW7, CDC4


Immunogen: Synthetic peptide dervied from the human FBXW7 protein


Product Form: Unconjugated

Formulation: Provided as solution in phosphate buffered saline with 0.08% sodium azide

Concentration: See vial for concentration

For use with FXBW7 polyclonal antibodies (Cat. No. X2314P & X2336P).

Functional Analysis: Western Blotting

Positive Control: Widely expressed in most human tissues.

Product should be stored at -20ºC. Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Product Stability: See expiration date on vial

Shipping Conditions: Ship at ambient temperature, freeze upon arrival

This product is intended FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY, and FOR TESTS IN VITRO, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures involving humans or animals. It may contain hazardous ingredients. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for additional information and proper handling procedures. Dispose product remainders according to local regulations.This datasheet is as accurate as reasonably achievable, but Exalpha Biologicals accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in this information.

1. Strohmaier, H., et al. 'Human F-box protein hCdc4 targets cyclin E for proteolysis and is mutated in a breast cancer cell line.; Nature 413:316-322(2001). 2. Moberg, K.H., et al. 'Archipelago regulates cyclin E levels in Drosophila and is mutated in human cancer cell lines.; Nature 413:311-316(2001).

Protein Reference(s)

Database Name: UniProt

Accession number: Q969H0

Species Accession: Human

Safety Datasheet(s) for this product:
EA_Sodium Azide
/wp-content/uploads/SDS/Antibody SDS with Sodium AzideV2.pdf