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Sheep anti Rat ADAR2 (Adenosine Deaminase Acting on RNA 2)

Catalogue number: U115P

RED-1, RED1; ADAR2, DRADA2 dsRNA adenosine deaminase, RNA-editing deaminase 1, RNA-editing enzyme 1

Product Type Antigen Immunoaffinity Purified Polyclonal
Units50 µg
Species reactivity Rat
Application Western Blot
Product Form
Affinity Purified

RED 1 also called ADAR2 is involved in the editing of the messenger RNAs for glutamate receptor (GluR) subunits by site-selective adenosine deamination. It edits both the GluR-B Q/R and R/G sites efficiently but converts the adenosine in hotspot1 much less efficiently.

Positive Control
Rat Brain

GST fusion protein containing aa 6-66 of the rat RED1 coding sequence

Purification Method
Antigen Immunoaffiinity Purification

See vial for concentration

Affinity Purified

Functional Analysis
Western Blotting

Suggested dilution for WB: 1:1000. Optimal concentration should be evaluated by serial dilutions.

Product should be stored at -20ºC. Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Ship Conditions
Ship at ambient temperature, freeze upon arrival

Product Stability
Products are stable for one year from purchase when stored properly

This product is intended FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY, and FOR TESTS IN VITRO, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures involving humans or animals.

Safety Datasheet(s) for this product:

Sheep anti Rat ADAR2 (Adenosine Deaminase Acting on RNA 2)