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Chicken anti Fenitrothion

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  • Size: 1 ml
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Product Code

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Product Name

Chicken anti Fenitrothion


1 ml

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Fenitrothion is an insecticide belonging to the group of organophosphothioates. It is found on fruits, vegetables and in the environment. Application is also in the storage of grain products. It has adverse effects on algae and mammals due to its biological activity as acetylcholine esterase inhibitor. In water organisms it may have and endocrine (thyroidal) effect.





Product Usage

Immunogen: BSA-Fenitrothion Conjugate, Target: Fenitrothion, CAS no.: 122-14-5, Solubility: Organic solvents

Product Type

Primary Antibodies



Fields of Interest

Toxic Compounds

Product Source

Chicken egg yolk, purified by PEG extraction

Product Formulation

Each vial contains 1 ml 5mg/ml of purified (PEG) polyclonal antibody

Product Specificity

Cross Reactivity Pesticides % Cross Reactivity Fenitrothion 100% 2-4 D <0.1% Chloropiriphos <0.1% Deltametrin <0.1% Pirimiphos <0.1% Permethrin <0.1% Etrimphos <0.1% Atrazine <0.1% Methacrimphos <0.1% Aldicarb <0.1% Malathion <0.1% Tebuconazole <0.1%

Storage Conditions

Store at 4