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Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V, conjugated with FITC

  • Product Code: BSA-FITC
  • Size: 10 mg
  • Price (USD): $89

Product Code

BSA-FITC		 Quantity:      

Product Name

Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V, conjugated with FITC


10 mg

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As an efficient counterstain for cell an tissue substrates with immunoconjugates with a label contrasting with the greenish-yellow fluorescence of BSA/FITC. The purpose of counterstaining is to enhance the optical contrast of the immunospecific staining against a counterstained background.




Product Usage

Fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated Bovine Serum albumin, Cohn fraction V.

Product Type

Proteins & Peptides


ELISA,Immunocytochemistry,Immunohistochemistry (frozen),(In)direct immunofluorescence

Fields of Interest


Product Formulation

Fluorochrome-coupled bovine serum albumin, fraction V, lyophilized from a solution in phosphate buffered saline (PBS pH 7.2).

Storage Conditions

The lyophilized conjugate is shipped at ambient temperature and may be stored at +4¡C; prolonged storage at or below -20¡C. It is reconstituted by adding 1 ml sterile distilled water. Spun down to remove insoluble particles, divided into small aliquots, frozen and stored at or below -20¡C. Prior to use, an aliquot is thawed slowly in the dark at ambient temperature, spun down again and used to prepare working dilutions by adding sterile phosphate buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.2). Repeated thawing and freezing should be avoided. Working dilutions should be stored at +4¡C, not refrozen, and preferably used the same day. If a slight precipitation occurs upon storage, this should be removed by centrifugation. It will not affect the performance of the immunoconjugate. Lyophilized at +4¡ C--at least 10 years. Reconstituted at or below -20¡ C--3-5 years. Reconstituted at +4¡ C--7 days.