Custom Services- IgY Production

Pre-immunization egg collection
0Immunize chickens with 0.25 mg of antigen mixed with Complete Freund's Adjuvant
2Immunize chickens with 0.15 mg of antigen mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant
4Immunize chickens with 0.15 mg of antigen mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant
5Start egg collection
7Immunize chickens with 0.15 mg of antigen mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant

End egg collection

Process Details
Antigen requirement1.4 mg per 2 chicken protocol for immunizations
Average yield12-15 eggs per chicken
lgY yieldApproximately 50 mg/yolk
Amount0.05 mg
Volume0.1 ml
NotesYolk lgY isolation is available for nominal cost, and can be shipped in PBS containing 0.1% NaN3
We can also ship intact eggs

How much antigen should you ship us?

We recommend immunization with, between 0.5 and 2 milligrams of purified or recombinant protein per hen and prefer a concentration of at least 2 mg/ml. If possible, please supply us with 4 vials of immunogen (for 4 immunizations), the first vial (for the primary immunization) with twice as much antigen as the others. If you would like your IgY affinity purified, we need an additional 5 mg protein at a concentration greater than 3 mg/ml to make an affinity column.

Where do you ship your antigen?

Ship your purified immunogen, recombinant protein or peptide conjugate to us at:

Exalpha Biologicals, Inc.
2 Shaker Road, Unit B101
Shirley, MA 01464

As soon as we start the immunization, we will e-mail you an immunization/production schedule so you’ll know exactly when you can expect your custom IgY.

Do you want us to make your peptide(s)?

We can make your peptide for you and prices are included in our packages. See custom chicken table.

Do you want us to Affinity Purify your Custom IgY?

Please have a look at our Affinity Purification page

Industrial Quantities


For those customers requiring large scale production of IgY, we can meet your specific requirements. All laboratory work is performed using standard operating procedures to assure the highest quality of your custom product depending on your immunogen, how much IgY is required and over what time-frame, we will design a custom project that will suit your needs.

For bulk quantities of IgY, we usually recommend multiple hen immunizations and the pooling of their eggs for IgY purification. Following our standard immunization protocol (4 immunizations over 40 days), hens receive a booster shot every 70 days to maintain a high titre yolk.