Custom Services- Peptide Synthesis

Exalpha offer a complete custom peptide synthesis service either on its own or in combination with anti-peptide IgY production or affinity-purified anti-peptide production.

Peptide Synthesis – Guaranteed

Our peptides are guaranteed. Their quality is verified by mass spectral and HPLC analyses which are provided to our customers.

For custom antibody production and affinity purification, it is recommended to synthesize 30 mg peptide. This is sufficient to immunize 2 hens, make a peptide affinity column and have some left for immunological specificity/blocking experiments.

Peptide Conjugation 

Animal immune systems are unable to generate a consistent immune response to small molecules. To improve the immunogenicity of molecules smaller than 10,000 daltons, it is generally recommended to conjugate the small molecule (peptide or hapten) to a larger carrier protein. Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), a large (MW 4.5 x 105 – 1.3 x 107) non-heme protein from the molusc Megathura crenulata, is the most commonly used carrier protein and the one we recommend most often. Conjugation of your peptide to bovine serum albumin is also available on request.