Custom Services- IgY Purification

Eggs may be kept in the fridge for up to 3 months easily and, possibly for up to 6 months. We would ask that you separate the yolks from the white and pool the yolks that are to be purified BUT PLEASE DO NOT FREEZE THE YOLKS. Adding 0.05% sodium azide (125 ul 10% sodium azide/25 ml egg yolk) will preserve the yolks so they can be shipped at room temperature. Otherwise, they should be shipped on ice.  Please ship the yolks the day they are cracked to:

Exalpha Biologicals, Inc.
2 Shaker Road, Unit B101
Shirley, MA 01464

Included in the cost of purification will be the determination of IgY concentration, vial labeling and a product specification. We are usually able to return your purified IgY to you within a week of receipt of your yolks.

If you will be requiring our IgY purification services on a regular basis or for a bulk order, please inquire about our wholesale prices.

We also purify IgY from quail, goose, duck or other avian eggs.

Please contact us for a quote.

Want to perform your own custom chicken antibody purification?

Compared to the competition:

  • our kit is cheaper to buy (per mg IgY purified)
  • the yield obtained is 50% higher than our major competitor

The antibody purification kit comes with detailed instructions. Furthermore, should you have problems with your kit, we provide technical support on the antibody purification protocol.



Product Type

IK 8000

EggsPress IgY Purification Kit (80 yolks)


IK 500

EggsPress IgY Purification Kit (5 yolks)


IK 4000

EggsPress IgY Purification Kit (40 yolks)


IK 2000

EggsPress IgY Purification Kit (20 yolks)