Custom IgY Services

Exalpha offers a complete set of custom services. These services include:

Affinity Purification

Peptide Synthesis

IgY Purification

IgY Production

Custom Services Pricing

Antigen to egg collection (ERQ-1)Antigen to egg collection (ERQ-2)Antigen to lgY FractionAntigen to Affinity Purified Antibody
Service Includes
Pre-immune IgY sampleXXXX
Immunization of 1 chickenXXX
Immunization of 2 chickens # X
lgY purification (antibody fraction)Xx
Antigen Affinity purificationX
Project Time8 weeks (after 1st Immunization)8 weeks (after 1st Immunization)8-10 weeks (after 1st immunization)10-13 weeks (after 1st immunization)
What You Receive
Full project reportXXXX
Preimmune IgY sampleXXXX
Egg yolks (approx 10)/ henXX
lgY fraction (approx 75 mg/egg, so 750 mg in total)X
Affinity purified antibodyX
Project Costs$704$1254$850$1200
Before the end of the project client must advise if they wish to keep the hens or terminate project. Additional daily rates as below. Please let us know your needs.
-- ---
-- ---
Board for 1 hen after project completed (HB-1)$100/month
IgY collection after project end$750/g
Antigen is provided by customer, or peptide synthesis can be included at an additional cost
Peptide Synthesis Services
peptide synthesis>75% pure$28/residue 
peptide synthesis>95% pure$40/residue
conjugation of immunogen to KLH$330 
*Should you need anti-Chicken secondary antibodies, then Exalpha Biologicals offers a full range. 
**We are also able to commercialise this antibody for you in return for some free IgY. Please contact us for further details.
# Eggs will be pooled from both hens