Custom IgY Services

Exalpha offers a complete set of custom services. These services include:

Affinity Purification

Peptide Synthesis

IgY Purification

IgY Production

Custom Services Pricing

Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5Option 6
DescriptionClient antigen to egg collectionClient Antigen to IgY AntibodyClient Antigen to Affinity Purified AntibodyPeptide Synthesis to Egg CollectionPeptide Synthesis to IgY AntibodyPeptide Synthesis to Affinity Purified Antibody
Client provides AntigenXXX
Antigen DesignXXX
Peptide Antigen SynthesisXXX
Pre-immune IgY sample (5ml)XXXXXX
Immunization of 2 chickens XXXXXX
Whole eggs or egg yolks (10-20)XX
lgY purification (antibody fraction)XX
Antigen Affinity purificationXX
Affinity Resin (10ml)XXX
Peptide (2-3mg)XXX
Project Time8 to 11 weeks10-13 weeks10-14 weeks12-14 weeks13-16 weeks13-16 weeks
Full project report XXXXXX
Project Costs$850$995$1600$1300$1500$2000
Additional Services after project ends:
Board for 1 hen after project completed (includes egg collection)$100/month
Additional Boosts$16/chicken
IgY Purification$80/egg
Affinity Purification$800 for up to 50ml
*Should you need anti-Chicken secondary antibodies, then Exalpha Biologicals offers a full range. Please check the website for details
**We are also able to commercialise this antibody for you in return for some free IgY. Please ask us for further details.