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1. Andrusiak, M.G., et al. "The Retinoblastoma Protein Is Essential for Survival of Postmitotic Neurons" J. Neurosci. (2012), 32, 14809-14814

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BrdU IHC Staining (Cat. # X1545K)

Immunohistochemical staining of mouse intestine from mouse injected with BrdU using Exalpha's BrdU IHC Kit (X1545K)

The Retinoblastoma Protein Is Essential for Survival of Postmitotic Neurons

Andrusiak et al [1] have recently made the observation that Rb is required for continued cell growth and survival in terminally differentiated neurons. There is mounting evidence from myriad sources that abnormal cell cycle signals can play a part in neuronal death [2, 3]. It has been difficult to elucidate the the role of Rb in context of neuronal cell death. Andrusiak et al used a murine Rb knockout mouse model to study the effects of Rb in vivo and in vitro. Their observations are published in the most recent issue of the J. of Neuroscience.

Exalpha has a broad range of reagents and kit for studying Rb and cell cycle events.

Retinoblastoma Products
Cat. No.NameProduct TypeSize
N120MRetinoblastoma, clone XZ104Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
N125MRetinoblastoma, clone XZ133Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
N130MRetinoblastoma, clone C36Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
N135MRetinoblastoma, clone XZ91Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
N140MRetinoblastoma, clone XZ55Monoclonal Antibody100 µg

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Cat. No.NameProduct TypeSize
X1179Pchx10 (CT)Polyclonal Antibody250 µg
X1180Pchx10 (NT)Polyclonal Antibody250 µg
P105MPTP-PESTMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
P105PProtein Phosphatase 1 alphaPolyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1800PLymphocyte Antigen 86/MD-1 (CT)Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1801PLymphocyte Antigen 86/MD-1 (IN)Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1117PApoptosis Activating Protease Factor 1 (Apaf1) (CT)Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1118PApoptosis Activating Protease Factor 1 (Apaf1) (NT)Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1327K1BrdU Cell Proliferation AssayELISA Kit200 tests
X1545KBrdU Immunohistochemistry KitIHC Kit50 Tests
X1028Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1543MXBromodeoxyuridine (BrdU), FITC ConjugateMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
A205PBromodeoxyuridine (BrdU)Polyclonal Antibody250 µg
X1326K1p53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG-3) Assay KitELISA Kit1 Plate
X1155Mp53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG-3)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1156Pp53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG-3)Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1719M3-NitrotyrosineMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1727MNPDC-1 (Neuronal Proliferation, Differentiation and Control Protein 1Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1844KPhospho-AKT AssayELISA Assay Kit1 Plate
X2314PFBXW7Immunoaffinity Purified Polyclonal10 miniblots
X2713PGap Junction Protein alpha 1, 43 kDa (Connexin 43) (Gja1)Immunoaffinity Purified Polyclonal10 miniblots