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1. The Cancer Genome Atlas Network "Comprehensive molecular portraits of human breast tumours" Nature (2012), 490, 61-70

Molecular portraits of human breast tumours

Breast cancer is not one disease, researchers and clinicians have known this for quite some time. Recent work by The Cancer Genome Atlas Network(ref) has shed light on the differences and similarities of breast cancers, breaking breast cancer down into four main subtypes (Luminal A, Luminal B, Basal-like, HER2) based on co-expression/ deletion of many of the classical markers. Their observations that diverse genetic changes can result in similar phenotypical cancers with as few as four basic types, high-lights both how far we as a research community has come and how much is yet to be discovered.

Estrogen, Progesterone, HER2/neu Products
Cat. No.NameProduct TypeSize
X2191PHER2/neu Receptor Protein Tyrosine KinaseAffinity Purified Polyclonal50 µg
X1566MHER2/neu Receptor Protein Tyrosine KinaseMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
M100PHER2/neu Receptor Protein Tyrosine KinaseSheep Polyclonal Antibody250 µg
X1437MProgesterone ReceptorMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1262MEstrogen ReceptorMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1266MEstrogen ReceptorMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1567MEstrogen ReceptorMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
X2136PEstrogen-Related Receptor gamma (ERR gamma/NR3B3Affinity Purified Polyclonal50 µg

Related products
Cat. No.NameProduct TypeSize
C125MCyclin D1Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
C115MCyclin EMonoclonal Antibody100 µg
C125MCyclin D1Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
C140MCyclin Dependent Kinase 4Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1216PCyclin Dependent Kinase 4Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
A145Pp53Sheep Polyclonal Antibody250 µg
X1157Mp53 (a.a. 16-25)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1493Mp53 (a.a. 371-380)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1494Mp53 (a.a. 371-380)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1495Mp53 (a/a/ 20-25)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1155Pp53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG3)Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody100 µg
X1156Mp53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG3)Monoclonal Antibody100 µg
X1326K1p53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG3)ELISA Assay Kit1 Plate
X1326K2p53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG3)ELISA Assay Kit2 Plates
X1326K3p53 Inducible Gene 3 (PIG3)ELISA Assay Kit10 Plates